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Professional Development & Leadership Coaching

What is Kasapulan?

Kasapulan provides communication centered leadership and professional development coaching. We believe good communication creates and sustains healthy work cultures, strengthens relationships, and diffuses conflict. At Kasapulan, our goal is to bring humanity back to the center of our interactions, especially in the workplace.

Kasapulan is an Ilocano word that can mean needs or tools. Ilocano ancestors were great seafarers and master navigators who used wayfinding to understand where they were, where they wanted to go, and the best route to get there. In the same fashion, Kasapulan provides communication tools to help you navigate through just about any communication context.

Nancy Zambo
Founder / Communication Coach
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How It Works



Tell me about your challenges and goals. We'll find out where the communication breakdowns are.



Together we map out a plan and I teach you communication techniques and strategies.



Put into practice what you learn and I provide supportive coaching on your journey.

Sharpen Your Skills

Professional Development

Learn how to use communication strategies to develop yourself at every stage of your career - whether you are job hunting, the CEO of a company, or anywhere in-between.

Leadership Coaching

An effective communicator makes for great leadership. Knowing how to manage interactions like facilitating meetings, collaborating on projects, and sustaining morale requires a good communication skill set.

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Dialogue Facilitation

Learn to facilitate discussions that mitigate tensions, build on common ground, and encourage collaboration. Dialogue facilitation is a great technique for conflict resolution.

Communication Fundamentals

Learn how utilizing communication fundamentals can increase the quality of your interactions - both professional and personal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a communication coach?

Communication has a lot to do with relationships. Whether it's with yourself, other people, or even your habits and goals, improving your communication means improving your various relationships. Navigate through hard conversations with confidence, develop and maintain richer working relationships, facilitate productive and inclusive meetings, become a better speaker, improve your listening skills, learn to manage and achieve your goals in a systematic way, sharpen your leadership skills and more.

What are some topics you've coached people through?

Improving working relationships with difficult coworkers and/or bosses. Negotiating slaraies and navigating promotions. Improving self confidence in public speaking. Dialouge facilitation. Navigating career and entrepreneur paths. Confidence through difficult conversations. Maintaining postive work cultures as a leader. Improving mindset for success and wellness. How to utilize conflict/resolution. How to utilize and find mentorship.

What is your coaching story?

My passion for coaching, teaching, and mentorship comes from the deep gratitude I have for the mentors and leaders who have helped me in my own journey. I’ve managed teams, mentored employees and students, taught high school and college students, and trained employees and management teams. In all of those experiences, good communication was crucial for success. While completing my Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, I received training in and co-taught Dialogue Facilitation and Conflict resolution. Throughout my life and career, applying and adapting what I learn across multiple disciplines has become part of my practice.

Are you like a life coach?

My work focuses on communication in a workplace setting, however the communication skills I teach can easily be applied to your personal life.

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